Amplishape - Your partner for EMS accessories. Intensive training. Maximum results.

Support your training with Amplishape EMS accessories! Our high-quality EMS accessories enable you to train effectively and efficiently, maximizing your muscle activity.

Support your training with Amplishape EMS accessories!

Our high-quality products are specially designed to take your EMS workouts to the next level. Whether you're a pro athlete or a fitness enthusiast, Amplishape can help you exceed your goals. Ready for intense training?

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  • EMS suits

    Our EMS suits are available in 6-channel and 12-channel versions and offer maximum comfort and flexibility during your training. With their high-quality workmanship and optimal electrode placement, they ensure effective muscle stimulation and enable a holistic workout.

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  • EMS vests

    Our EMS vest is available in 6-channel and 12-channel variants and enables targeted training of different muscle groups. With its comfortable fit and strategically placed electrodes, it provides effective muscle stimulation and ensures maximum results.

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  • EMS functional underwear

    Our high-quality EMS functional underwear supports you in every training session. It offers outstanding moisture regulation and breathability to offer you optimal comfort. Our functional underwear maximizes the effectiveness of your EMS training by ensuring optimal signal transmission.

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  • EMS band electrodes

    Our EMS band electrodes are specially designed to intensify muscle stimulation while improving comfort. Thanks to their ease of use and high-quality workmanship, they contribute to effective and pleasant EMS training.

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  • EMS waist belts

    Our high-quality EMS abdominal belts focus specifically on the abdominal muscles and help you tighten and strengthen them. With their comfortable fit and optimal electrode placement, they offer effective muscle stimulation and maximum results

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  • EMS connection cable

    For safe signal transmission and a reliable connection between your EMS suit and other EMS accessories, we offer high-quality EMS connection cables. They ensure optimal transmission of the electrical impulses and ensure a smooth training experience.

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